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September 1, 2006

Links Du Jour 9-1-06

MSN SearchMySpace driving more retail traffic than MSN search - It's amazing that MySpace is now a better place to promote a brand name than MSN. Who would have thought that social networking sites would have become such an effective media to promote a brand name?

It also shows that is basically where the game is online. According to the , there’s a shortage of expertise in utilizing MySpace in branding efforts. Interesting news for those of us in the naming business.

Toyota PhoneToyota developing integrated "carphone" with KDDI - Engadget thinks this new phone has a cute product name: TiMO (which reminds me of Latino-friendly “"). Guy Kawasaki gives Toyota for the way in which it is communicating complicated information about products to consumers - like the engineering behind its hybrid engine.

Toyota is a super brand name and its great products and excellent brand communication are a far cry from GM’s, Guy writes. To add insult to injury, GM just of Survivor for pretty suspicious reasons.

Starbucks CouponThe Iced Starbucks Coupon - Are coupons still an effective method of promoting your brand name at all anymore? Sure, and there are lots of different . They are certainly a good way to create among . But here’s a lesson learned from Starbucks - watch those expiration dates!

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