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September 28, 2006

Links du Jour 09-28-06

nike_store.jpgIs Flash-y E-commerce Always a Safe Bet? - Kelly Mooney brings up an interesting point about online commerce, in general inspired by Nike’s relaunch of its online store: secure web pages for checkout. She’s noticed that the all important page is “http” and not “https”, which means that she’s a tad worried about entering her credit card details on an open page.

She also points out that she’s not fooled by the “Verisign” logo on the page, because it probably isn’t being used - its just available to the Nike developers. She makes the point that trust online is crucial for shoppers who want to buy your product...and that tiny difference in the URL makes all the difference to the savvy shopper. If Nike is making this mistake, who else is?

rover_mercury.gifHow to bring Rover back quickly - Jack Yan has a great post up about how the Rover brand name might be given new life now that Ford owns it. For one, SAIC will have to drop the brand name.

But Jack asks us to think of this: could expanding the Rover product name to Mercury exports possibly work? The Mercury Milan is a great candidate for this, and with a little tweaking could be a great flagship for the ailing Rover brand, which still commands a great deal of loyalty for European buyers.

This is a pretty crafty idea, as the Mercury name is hardly known at all in Europe, and Rover is beloved.

virgin_ntl.gifNTL: Telewest and Virgin launch Quadplay - The package includes multi-channel TV with video-on-demand, broadband, home telephone and a mobile service. It’s the very first offering from the newly united NTL:Telewest and Virgin Mobile brands, which will be rebranded (and possibly renamed?) as a single communications/entertainment provider.

Looks like they beat Vodafone and BP to the punch - but as Vecosys points out, telcom companies have been merging across Europe all with the purpose of linking communications with entertainment, so look for more new brand names offering the same services.

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Posted by William Lozito at September 28, 2006 10:21 AM
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