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September 26, 2006

Links du Jour 09-26-06

appledevil.gifHow Apple, at its core, is like the French - Stephen Baker at Businessweek Blogspotting tells us that Apple’s recent struggles to trademark “pod” and “podcast” illustrate exactly why the French try to stay away from words that come right out of advertising. So, if things go well, instead of podcasts, we might have “baladodiffusions.” You can read all about Apple’s struggles to trademark the names on ZDNet.

Spoiled Rotten (Apple) - Joseph Jaffe links to some great posts that are generally critical of Apple’s efforts to protect words related to “pod”. Interesting material here about how Apple may be hurting its brand name with this action - is “tripod” next? Watch out, camera buffs.

blackdahliasixfeet.jpgOnce again, death becomes her - Take a look at the graphics used to support the new Black Dahlia Movie versus those behind Six Feet Under, both of which probably appeal to the same audience. I do not think this is an outright trademark violation but the Six Feet Under image is very much associated with that particular brand name and Black Dahlia’s promotional poster looks very similar.

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