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September 22, 2006

Links du Jour 09-22-06

mylifemycardmywork_1.jpgMy life. My card. My work. My lawsuit. - A freelance art director who submitted his "My Card. My Work." portfolio to AMEX's advertising agency, Ogilvy, claims they stole his slogan to promote the American Express brand, with the “My life. My card.” slogan.

yahoo_facebook.gifYahoo To Buy Facebook For $1 billion - Yahoo and Facebook are now one. As I have written before, Microsoft is also linked to Facebook. Linking the Yahoo brand name with Facebook is a great move, just as the Google brand name is inextricably linked with MySpace, which is now even more popular than Yahoo and Google.

rss.jpgHow to explain RSS the Oprah way - The name RSS means “Really Simple Syndication” which is anything but a really simple concept for millions of people. This article on the Back in Skinny Jeans blog offers a very usable alternative definition of the application’s name (“Ready for Some Stories”) and is a great introduction to the concept of RSS.

grand_theft_auto.jpg'Grand Theft Auto' Fan Arrested For...Guess What? - Sometimes a product name can give people dumb ideas. Especially interesting is that he had the Grand Theft Auto name and logo tattooed on his back, which reminds me of the fact that the Nike swoosh is the most popular corporate tattoo, pushed tirelessly by a group of employees who are ultra-devoted to the NIKE brand who refer to themselves by the name EKIN (Nike spelled backwards). At least they’re not out there stealing cars.

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