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September 20, 2006

Links du Jour 09-20-06

Quad_Core.jpgIntel readies Quadro chips for November release - It’s official, says Cyrus Farivar, of Engadget: Intel’s first Quad-core "Kentsfield" Intel chip will be called “Quadro.” Farivar also reports that the next generation of low-voltage Centrino chips, which are currently code-named the "Santa Rosa” are due to be released in January. Intel's naming architecture continues to hold our interest. Watch our blog as we continue to report on it.

Beer_Cave.jpgStudents Design Convenience Store Beer Cave - Rich Ottum reports that a Citi Stop convenience store in Shyville, North Carolina invited some local college students to redesign its walk-in fridge since customers have been confusing it with a storage room.

The result is a new facade and the new name "Beer Cave". Citi Stop keenly listened to its target market, college students, and allowed them to help solve its business problem. The result, which is typical of what good brand name research uncovers, is that customers (many UNCA college students) are buying more beer.

Adobe_Updater.jpgCopywriters Needed at Adobe - Check out this hilarious blog post by SethyG, of American Copywriter. Would you agree that the Adobe Updater needs to be renamed? We think it should...and very quickly. This post shows how some product names can confuse and frustrate even your most loyal customer.

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