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September 17, 2006

Links du Jour 09-17-06

New York TimesTitles Work For Nobility, Not Grubby Promoters - AdPulp is a little peeved about a recent New York Times article that makes fun of some of the names we in the marketing industry bestow upon ourselves.

and , the names of two of my favorite sites, are among the marketing monikers that the Times shows disdain for. They also take a quick look at some of the admittedly more unusual examples of company naming: Amalgamated, Anomaly, Droga5, Mother, Naked, Nitro, StrawberryFrog, Taxi and Zig.

Probably just sour grapes coming from a newspaper everyone refers to as the Old Grey Lady.

Laws of SimplicitySimplifying Simplicity - John Moore at Brand Autopsy takes a look at a new book by MIT Professor John Maeda named The Laws of Simplicity.

Professor Maeda’s blog looks at the exact same thing and his conclusions are always interesting for product namers. I especially like the laws of shrinking (Apple Nano) and hiding (RAZR) as they apply to naming, and have written about both.

The poetry of the Lanham Act - Ron Coleman at Likelihood of Confusion points us towards an Israeli blogger named Yehuda who has written a series of poems summarizing US Trademark law. One law that applies to naming that I like:

Trademarks can be transferred
If it's all done in writing
It's nice when done pleasantly
Without any fighting

I have said he same thing without such elegance myself.

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