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September 16, 2006

Links du Jour 09-16-06

Mirage logosMaybe It’s Just a Mirage - Mirage Speakers has some serious explaining to do with the lawyers from the Mirage Casino who might see some pretty suspicious similarities between the two organizations’ logos that promote their brand names. Bill Baker warns that usually casino reps are not that diplomatic about people who steal their logos.

Copyright Modernization Act of 2006 - Here’s some serious reading for those of us in the name service industry interested in copyrights. The Patry Copyright blog brings us a nice summation of the 100 page bill just submitted to the House that essentially is designed to protect digital music brand names and give the FBI more investigative powers in copyright piracy issues. You can read the whole bill here. (Hat tip to The Trademark Blog.)

BoratKazakhstan Even More Pissed at Borat - Sacha Baron Cohen’s TV personality Borat, a fictional bumbling, foul mouthed Kazakhstan native, has made the president of the country so angry at his continued attack on the Kazakhstan brand name that he is taking out "educational" TV spots and print ads for the US market telling us about the "real" Kazakhstan — and plans on discussing the ailing Kazakhstan image with President Bush.

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