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September 13, 2006

Links du Jour 09-13-06

Apple ShowtimeTubePort? Who's doing your branding these days, Ted Stevens - Apple’s new wireless gadget for streaming movies is rumoured to be called “TubePort” (it will probably be officially announced today.)

I agree with Ted Stevens that TubePort doesn't appear like a brand name you would expect from Apple.

First of all, it's for groundbreaking technology, but the name appears to emulate an existing brand name, YouTube.

Secondly, TubePort, as a name to describe the delivery of video from a computer to a TV wirelessly, focuses on the technology, as opposed to the content and user experience. Long-term, in my view, Apple would be better off with a brand name that has more of an emotional component to it.

Lastly, again, I dont' know if this rumor is true or not, but the name seems antithetical to everything Apple is all about: innovation, simplicity, and leading the market. A name that is similar to YouTube doesn't seem to do Apple justice.

Dave Caolo at TUAW agrees that "TubePort" is a really lame-sounding name.

eBay and World Class AuctionseBay Sues Over Its Its - Martin Schwimmer, of The Trademark Blog, reports that Ebay is suing World Class Auctions on 13 counts of trademark infringement. One of the points of contention is the use of eBay’s “trade dress” on its home page and its "it" mark.

WikipediaStudy: Wikipedia Dominates Brand Search Results - This is a fascinating study done by Micro Persuasion that shows just how influential Wikipedia is on building your brand name.

Most brand and product name searches on Google yield a Wikipedia result right off the bat, meaning that what Wikipedia says about a brand name could be crucial to shaping consumer perception of that brand name. The questions is: can brand managers control it? Probably not, reports Steve Rubel.

The InfluencersThe Influencers Have Arrived - This may sound too good to be true, but there is a Canadian site out there called The Influencers that is billed as an “online hub” for self-appointed trend “influencers”.

They are able to network with other people who share their interests. Here is a great way to test the waters direct with consumers on interesting products and ideas, like a new brand name.

Kate Trgovac, at One Degree, asks, "Is this site for consumers, or is it really for marketers? Regardless, a site like this should be a key resource for brand managers and marketers.

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