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September 3, 2006

Links du Jour 09-03-06

MillerMiller Sponsoring Protest March - Yes, the big beer brand name is linking itself to an immigration march in Chicago. It seems strange that a brand name like would actually associate itself with this kind of activity, but as Adjab points out, it will give the company nationwide free coverage and will entrench itself within the ever growing Latino community, a target market I have written about before.

NikeJennifer Aniston + Eminem Rapping in Next Nike Ads? - Brad’s worried it will be a Janet Jackson-like debacle but I don’t think so. Jen is funny, Janet is not. And it will be a great way to lighten up the image around the brand name.

Nielsen NetRatingsNielsen: Online Ad Spend Up 49 Percent in 1H06 - Online spending and spend on Spanish language TV has driven up overall ad spend. The big players are scaling back, it seems, but with the advent of and the explosion in community web sites, online ad spending has turned into a bonanza, and a crucial way to project your product name. At the same time, research has shown that simple, one or two word keywords rule the day on Internet queries. When it comes to making a searchable name, Keep It Simple, Sir.

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