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September 2, 2006

Links du Jour 09-02-06

YahooDon't They Have a Pill You Can Take? - Finally, somebody has felt my pain over the campaign.

The ads we get on the site are sort of random, from a very confused big guy telling us "My Son Is Always Looking at His Yahoo" to a perky woman saying "I Have The Most Popular Yahoo on Campus."

What, exactly, is being suggested here? I'm at a loss, but it gives me a creepy feeling every time I log in, and creeping out your customers just can't be good for the product name. I am thinking seriously of getting just to avoid these weird ads. Stop the madness, Yahoo!

man with shopping bagsMen. Who Are We? - The fact is, most of today's marketing is not reaching us. Darryl Ohrt at Brandflakes leads us to a very nice article on that declares the demise of the metrosexual (RIP) and the irrelevance of the retrosexual male shopper.

Brand names like , , and , as well as apartment brands and even vacuum brands are figuring out new ways to appeal to the 75% of male shoppers who are just not seeing themselves reflected in ads and brands.

What are we learning? Men are not being catered to in most advertising. I'd add that we shop differently and perceive stores differently. Crucial research for anyone who hopes to reach guys with their brand names.

earn your stripesTony the Tiger Plays Baseball - is repositioning the brand name of with its Work Hard, Eat Right and Earn Your Stripes campaign and John Winsor likes it.

Nice to see this kids' cereal brand name stepping up to the plate with the .

Derrek Lee of the Chicago Cubs is helping built this product name into something more than just something that tastes Grrreat.

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