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September 13, 2006

Brand Naming: The “I’s” Have It: iTV, ITV, EyeTV

iTVGizmodo has done a of profiling what Apple has to offer us next year and as we suspected, there has been a huge leap forward towards putting computers in the living room with .

Yes, it looks much like the Mac Mini and its introduction kicks off , which will now be offering movies from the recent link-up between the Disney and Apple brands. Obviously, Apple is probably hoping to link up with other entertainment companies to add more heft to its video offerings, yet Universal, Viacom, Sony, NBC Universal and Fox are .

Nevertheless, Apple is making a real link from the home office to the living room and right now is one step closer to pulling in cable, downloadable movies and TV firmly into the realm of the computer.

iTVThis means that Apple as a brand name is that much closer to being a media/entertainment company rather than a computer company. if you want to play it, make it, or edit it, in any format. The new video iPods live up to this assessment.

But what I want to know is how British based ITV dealt with Apple’s introduction of the iTV unit. ITV in the UK is very well known, as is Mac-friendly , which, as , is having its space encroached upon.

I suppose there must have been some agreements made behind the scenes but it does offer UK consumers a confusing offering and certainly makes one wonder if Apple should keep using . For now, it seems clear they will.

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Posted by William Lozito at September 13, 2006 1:06 PM
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This statement is actually incorrect. You can play it, make it, or edit it, just not in any old format though. In order for Apple to maintain their close ties to the entertainment giants, they keep very strict DRM restrictions on their content.

Yeah, that's frustrating. Before I was an iPod user, I called it the "iClog", because of all the DRM "stuff" iTunes puts on my songs and podcasts...I couldn't play any of it on my regular mp3 player, unless I "burned and ripped" it back onto my PC into unrestricted mp3 format.

Whenever I used to think of iPod/iTunes, I thought, "What an iClog!"

I doubt ITV will mind at all, seeing as the product will not be called iTV. Apple made it very clear in their presentation that the name was only a internal codename, and they haven't decided on the final name yet.

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