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September 5, 2006

Brand Naming: Private Jet Brands Explained

The New Jet SetA recent MarketWatch article, , looked very interesting: it was a report on the that studied people rich enough to own private jets.

As one would expect, ultra high-end consumers spend $30,000 on alcohol per year, $147,000 on watches, and $250,000 on jewelry. The brand names they are buying are pretty easy to guess. But what I find intriguing is the amount of cash ($98,000) jet setters spend on “experiential travel” destinations: flying to out of the way places to do unique things like paddle kayaks with whales, hike in the rainforest and go on safaris.

Private JetsNot to mention the $107,000 the average jet setter spends on spas when they are not trekking or bundu-bashing. More and more people are tired of being hassled at the airport and are electing to get their own jet. So, what are the top brand names for those who would like a jet of their own?

First of all, as far as private jet brand names go, the New York Times that the Embraer Lineage 1000, a Citation X, or a Gulfstream IV or Gulfstream V are the Lexus or Mercedes-Benzes of air travel for the well-heeled.

Private JetsThe pickings are so rich that with “better fuel efficiency” - do the rich look at the mileage? What gives the rest of us hope is the rise of NetJets, where you buy a piece of a jet, a form of time share.

Or, you can try out a very interesting card offered by Bombardier Skyjet, CitationShares, Sentient Jet, Le Bas International and Marquis Jet. This card allows you to . You just fill it up like your Starbuck’s card (think $300K) and you can swipe it to fly to Europe. Or Vail. Or Nantucket.

Marquis Jet CardJust be careful, because you don’t want to fly to any old airport. You want one with massages, first class dining, a gold course, maybe even an indoor forest. The Globe and Mail gives us the low-down on the , and these range from Heathrow in London to ET Joshua Airport, Mustique.

Of course, those private jets have to be able to hold all of your luggage, so you may have to scale back. Or not. P Diddy he needed one jet for himself and one for his luggage when he flew from Paris to Rome. Nice way to bypass overweight baggage hassles.

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Posted by William Lozito at September 5, 2006 10:37 AM
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You mention in your article the appeal of fractional jet ownership "cards" but fail to mention that private jet "charters" can be cheaper per hour and eliminate the need to purchase time in blocks of 20, 25, 30+, hours in these "card" programs. Charter jet travel can be another option to your readers, which they should investigate.

I've used Chief Executive Air based in New York and loved their service ( but there are many charter providers in the US for your readers to check out without the upfront purchasing requirements of NetJets, Skyjet, etc. which are fractional ownership deals.

Good charters can save 10-15% off fractional programs which can amount to thousands of dollars in savings.

As for your comment a local charter company cant really do the things a charter broker can do. We have access to thousands or aircraft, operate worlwide and have no contractual commitment. A really well educated rich individual would use either jet charter by itself or a combination of a good broker and ownership.

Brand name matters. The branded company ensures the quality, reliability and flexibility.

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