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September 11, 2006

Brand Naming: Mobile Phones as Fashion Accessories

Nokia’s recent announcement that they will indeed be naming their phones rather than simply using alphanumeric designation comes as no surprise.

Nokia Fashion PhoneThe introduction of the new luxury edition Sirocco heralds this new philosophy in brand naming (which reminds me of the VW Scirocco.) This announcement comes as people are thinking about cell phones, and the names associated with them, in a whole new light.

V3iDGCell phone makers have linked with famous fashion brand names to make charming, high end devices for the couture-conscious. The linkage of brand names like Motorola RAZR and Dolce and Gabbana, creating luxurious product names like the V31 D&G, illustrate an imported-from-Europe trend in cell phone naming: the perception of the mobile phone as a personalized fashion accessory rather than simply as a technology tool.

Fashion PhoneThe V31 D&G is just one example of how some high end cell phone users are more concerned with making a fashion statement than simply having a neat gadget. Nokia Africa has linked the new Nokia 7230 with the high end Stoned Cherrie fashion house, referring to it as the “lipstick phone” (not metaphoric product naming: it has a mirror included for quick touch ups) and offering it in cocoa and silver colors much like Stoned Cherie’s designs.

Maria Sharapova phoneCompare this to the new Motorola PEBL, which comes in many colors, including a limited edition Maria Sharapova model.

Chanel offers a phone strap, as do Hermes International, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, all of whom are brand names we do not usually associate with cell phones. The bloggers at Gizmodo, where techhie-cool is king, show some contempt for the new direction in cell phones but even they have to admit they’re pretty and part of the fashionably named L-Amour collection aimed at people who want a little sophistication with their phone.

I think this is a logical direction for cell phones, which have tended to become commoditized with feature bloat. We can only handle so many features on a phone. But the aspiratonal and intangible cell phone brand name is what will differentiate it in the marketplace.

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Posted by William Lozito at September 11, 2006 8:46 AM
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Sharapova has a good taste. Motorolla PEBL is hot nowadays!Where can I get that model?

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