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August 14, 2006

Product Naming: Can You Be

delicious logo: the Few, the Proud, the Geeky. This brand name is getting serious traction among all the right people, as has pointed out. I have to wonder if brand names with dots in the middle might not be the next naming trend.

At least one blogger was really impressed with the . combines all kinds of old and new naming conventions, from the use of "I" at the beginning (albeit not , which may be heading the way of anything dot-com, as I have written about before) to the use of the now forever redefined word "dot" to the use of the "." in the middle of it all.

magnoliaMichael Parekh is bothered by it all, noting that very few people who like the brand name can remember where the dots go when typing it into a friend's computer.

redditThat's just the point: The guys at claim that hard to remember brand names are the new way of doing domain naming and cite , , , , , , , and as other hard to spell and remember — yet successful — domains.

But these pesky .us domain names are getting to be a naming quagmire. Like Michael, I find to be almost too much — and impossible to remember even for a few seconds.

That might be the point, but it does make me

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Posted by William Lozito at August 14, 2006 6:51 AM
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Philosophical question: Is a successful domain name the same thing as a successful brand name (or a successful company)? Isn't this a lesson learned from the first dot-com bust? (which should be a successful domain name) was sold for millions and still hasn't found a money-making business model.My worry with Web 2.0 is that the business models still have not matured enough to support the lofty goals of the mis.spell.ed domain names, their owners, or their investors.

Good point. I'd say a successful domain name is one that assists in branding, which in turn is an important part of making a business succeed.

On top of that, it's probably worth noting that a successful domain name is only a small piece of a successful site, which one can create just with good content (although a memorable domain name is a big help).

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