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August 30, 2006

Links Du Jour 8-30-06

Sign StoreyIn-store ads sway opinions - Yes, those little ads you see when you walk down the aisle do work.

Albertsons and Pathmark have found great success using the SignStorey video network in 1300 stores. Of those surveyed by Nielsen, 68% said they would be influenced by such ads, while 44% they would actually swap a product because of an in-store ad.

I think this is yet another means of promoting your brand name at the point of sale - or pretty darn close to it. The nice thing is that stores that use SignStorey products have received positive feedback from their customers who seem to perceive the store as more modern.

PlutoWhy care about Pluto? - Seth Godin seems to share my and in in general, as do the .

Seth also feels that a great marketing strategy would be for the planetary powers that be to allow marketers to sell the naming rights to lesser known planets - and for the resultant funds to be used for education. Not a bad idea for those who might like to align their brand name with science and education.

OLPC LaptopOne Laptop Per Marketing Executive - yet another new name for OLPC computer - It's official! The One Laptop Per Child computer is to be called the Children's Machine One, or CM1. Oh, no; sorry. It's official. The CM1 is to be called the 2B1.

It is a very interesting machine that seems to have had a few name changes, but the official product name, for now, is 2B1. It was briefly dubbed the CM1 and the OLPC (one Laptop Per Child) machine. 2B1 might or might not be the most effective name. What's your opinion? Nevertheless, Engadget , and I love the concept of a cheap, reliable computer for every child.

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Posted by William Lozito at August 30, 2006 10:04 AM
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CM1 made a lot of sense and was easy to remember. But, 2B1. Okay, it might also be easy to remember...but is it an acronym? Prsonally, I don't see any reason why they changed the name. If CM1 meant Childrens Machine "version 1", then I could understand a new name change to CM2. But, that wasn't the case.

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