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August 29, 2006

Links Du Jour 8-29-06

RIM LogoRIM could learn from Apple - I recently the dispute between Creative and Apple that led to Apple’s payout of $100 million to Creative for patent and trademark infringements.

The Blackberry Cool blog led me to a great article on that explains exactly why that $100 million was worth every penny: it saves Apple from a messy fight that could hurt their brand name - and leaves the door open for future licensing agreements between the two companies.

Companies can quite easily come to that can help them avoid mutual destruction.

Infiniti LogoNot Much to "Experience" at - I’m a big fan of Kelly Mooney and loved her book The Ten Demandments, as well as its very catchy title. So I read with interest her rant against Infiniti for putting out such a lame site to sell a high end product. Web sites are the means through which customers get beyond the brand name. If the site is slow loading or filled with boring copy, it does not offer customers much of a positive experience.

Coincidentally, Guy Kawasaki , saying that the people who are most likely to spread your company name or brand via word of mouth are the new customers like Ms. Mooney, who are already jazzed up about their new product and want to spread the word. In this case, Infiniti lost out.

BW podcast on personal brand-building ignores blogs - and podcasts - Stephen Baker of BusinessWeek points us to an interesting podcast on building your personal brand identity. It’s a great way to spend 18 minutes, but seems to ignore blogging – and podcasting - as personal branding activities.

It’s a good blog to read in conjunction with on the tradeoffs between building a flashy brand that sells off the shelf and one that goes the distance.

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