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August 26, 2006

Links du Jour 08-26-06

  • skull watchFashion Skull - Here’s some far out brand name research. John Winsor recently noted that skulls as logos and decoration on clothing seem to be everywhere. So did the New York Times last month, who posit that skulls may be the new happy face sign.

    Why? Well, has something to do with it, punk/goth culture in the suburbs as well, and a dash of Latino culture.

    But also, writes one astrologer, the fact that we are sitting smack dab in the middle of the Pluto in Scorpio generation, which is a generation with the death’s head motif. Interesting to read these in conjunction with our recent posts on .

  • Windows in QuechuaMicrosoft Unveils Inca Windows Patch - Interesting how has found its way into indigenous culture. In the Incan (Quechua) language, which is still spoken by 12.6 million people in South America and 30% of Bolivians, file becomes knotted cords.

    This means that the Microsoft product name will be the one of choice for these new computer users.

  • Stephon MarburyCan Starbury Change Sneaker Culture? - Can it be that a player from the NBA will put his name behind an affordable brand name of sneakers? Stephon Marbury is promoting the $14.98 Starbury sneaker. I have to wonder, as they do at Adfreak, if this is not the dawn of the new . Just seeing an NBA star use such inexpensive brand name sneakers will be a total paradigm shift for those in the sneaker product naming business. Can we build an affordable sneaker product name?

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