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August 23, 2006

Links Du Jour 08-23-06

  • When Product naming goes wrong...internationally - Here’s a list from Hotelguru at the Talent Jungle of naming faux pas from around the world. Effective brand name research requires time and an understanding of various cultures, languages, and their nuances. You may already be away that the KFC slogan, “Finger lickin' good" means "eat your fingers off" in Chinese, for example. You may be less aware that Handi-Wrap, in Japanese, for instance, has a very strange sexual connotation. And some English slogans just do not travel well.
  • Geox and the Seven Year Itch - Great brands that understand their promise and what they mean to a consumer can successfully extend their franchise. Bud=beer. Folgers=coffee. Geox=shoes. Laura Ries seems right on the money in her post: Geox “breathable” shoes are great. Breathable clothing, not so much. Geox means Italian shoes to people. Not shirts.
  • News from Prague - What about the Plutons? - Lynn Hayes blogs about the importance of Pluto. Some are calling Pluto a "deviant" with a “large companion”. We gotta stand up for the fractured old guy. Tomorrow they’re going to rename him, and I say we show some humanity. Let’s do Pluto a naming service and get him back to planetary status.

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