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August 19, 2006

Links du Jour 08-19-06

  • What is Co-Branded? - Adjab has a great post about a new at Urban Honking that was picked up on Brandflakes. Think Disney and McDonalds, think Jeep and Orvis, U2 and iPod. I have written about the great co-branding between Nike and iPod and Lego and Eggo. Co-branding is different from franchising — it's using two non-competing brand names to build a bigger presence in the marketplace. Who can you share your company name with? Today everyone puts their two cents in.
  • TiVoTiVo Wins a Big One Against EchoStar - EchoStar has 30 days to disable nearly all of its DISH-branded DVRs. I've written about the clash between before — it's a landmark case against people who want to bypass TiVo. EchoStar has won an injunction but the writing's on the wall: patent protection is here to stay on groundbreaking technology and further strengthens TiVo's position as the name brand of choice for this popular service.
  • Rule One for Celebrity Endorsements - Make sure people actually know the name of the celebrity doing the endorsing! One of the tips from Name Branding 101, students.
  • Marketing Wine to Women May Indeed Be a Great Idea - I have a special fondness for . But the product name "Little Black Dress" is possibly a little dodgy. It sounds like you are pandering — there's no wine aimed at men called, for instance, "Cute Bow Tie" or "Sexy Boxer Shorts." Also, lots of women who like wine, as one wrote, happen to have a "big black dress." This is an interesting link just to see the instant negative reaction from lots of wine drinking women on cute, girly product names for wine.

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