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August 15, 2006

Links Du Jour 08-15-06

  • Nauru to relaunch carrier with new name: Our Airline - This New Zealand airline might be taking a step backward. It almost seems that whether we are discussing high-end, luxury airlines like MiMa or , or value airlines like Ted, Song or Clickair, airline brand names today need either resonance, quirkiness or both. Interestingly, a quick perusal of gives us a graveyard of dead airline brands and two kinds of names stick out: those names that focus on places (think Air California, Air Florida, Allegheny,) and names that focus on price (think Peoplexpress and ValuJet.) "Our Airline" sounds sort of like the latter and Nauru is definitely the former.
  • Canada a great brand, but needs marketing - Canada is now the world’s second most popular national brand (the USA, amazingly, is tenth) and they just refuse to capitalize on it. Quick, what do you think about when you think of Canada? Snow? Empty space? More snow? In fact, this is the country that boasts one of the nicest cities in the world: . A recent survey also found that people would like Canadian products, that is, if they knew they were Canadian (Blackberry is a Canadian brand!) One blogger “a country largely void of any defined, cohesive, or focused core values or brand identity,” noting that the one brand people do think of when they think of Canada is “Canada Dry.” Canada might need to do some brand name research on itself.
  • Dell facing slew of Chinese lawsuits over CPU switcheroo - What difference can one little letter in a product code make? Dell casually changed the processor in their new Inspiron 640m laptops to a T2300E instead of the advertised T230. Consumers have gone nuts and have initiated a class action lawsuit led by one single owner despite the fact that there really is not a huge deference between the two processors. This bad news follows pretty I found on Gizmodo of Dell laptops which exploded due to faulty batteries.

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Posted by William Lozito at August 15, 2006 12:29 PM
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