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August 9, 2006

Links Du Jour 08-09-06

  • School Fees - I love these Gaping Void cartoons and think the labels for Hugh Macleaod's new wine brand are just about as funky as they can get. Wine branding is going totally crazy, as I have noted in earlier posts outlining the rise of and wine brand names that bring out the animal in us. Hopefully Hugh's wines will be an interesting mash up of cartoon fun and darn good vino. Why not sell a little laughter with each bottle? My big question: Hugh's cartoons are meant to be drawn on the back of business cards--are the wine labels going to be business card sized? Interesting indeed....
  • You can't stay mad at Mel Gibson for long - I recently noted that we Americans are pretty darn forgiving of and the guys over at Ad Freak seem to agree: recent research shows that Gibson's popularity is still pretty much up there. Jack Yan recently wrote about the ins and outs of and how a pro might deal with Mel's drunken debacle. Bottom line is, dealing with a celebrity who is a brand name unto himself is risky business. But take a look at this link if you want to see how used the whole hoopla to push his own movie in Variety....pretty funny stuff. Just goes to show ya...when life gives ya lemons, pour a tequila slammer...
  • Another Blogger Leaves Microsoft, Hinting at "Paralysis" - Windows Live is hurting Microsoft and one blogger is speaking out. We never liked the product name, and did not much like the product. In fact, just yesterday I was wondering how Microsoft could endure so many bad branding choices and still be ranked in the UK as the number one "Superbrand"...

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Posted by William Lozito at August 9, 2006 1:37 PM
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Thank you, Bill. I have to say the whole Gibson affair has blown over as predicted. But it is helped by his being a white, heterosexual male—if the description was different, I wonder if society would have been as rapid to forgive.
   However, it was all helped by an early mea culpa and his willingness to meet with Jewish leaders—that may have speeded things up and could work with many more parties.

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