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August 3, 2006

Links Du Jour 08-03-06

Gemini launches iTRAX - The new iPod gizmo is called iTrax and it looks pretty cool — allowing anyone with two iPods to become their own monster DJ. I am wondering what’s happening with the word “Trax” and iPod name branding. Why, just yesterday I covered the new as posted on Micropersuasion. Sometimes new product branding just has a life of its own.

Your Brain On Brands - Martin Schwimmer over at The Trademark Blog responds to a great article in the New York Times about The Brand Underground. He wonders if the underground has become the grounds wherein the best branding is done. The post brings up some excellent examples of edgy brand names and how product naming owes much to hip hop, punk music and skateboarders. It’s not really news to us in the name service business but it does map the very outer limits of name branding.

Trademark Tips for Your Web App - SND favourite Guy Kawasaki should be a name consultant: his recent post on trademarking web apps (and pretty much anything else) is right on and a really good primer on what a trademark is and how we naming consultants think about trademark and brand names. He also has some good advice about trademark registration: just do it.

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