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July 19, 2006

You Can Go Insane Trying To Find An Available Domain Name

Lee Gomes, of the Wall Street Journal, today published a on domain names.

The source of his information is Dennis Forbes, an analyst with Vastardis Capital Services, a New York mutual-fund service company.

Although, being a naming company, anecdotally, we are aware of many of these findings. But not to the degree and thoroughness that are reported in the Journal article.

Hats off to Dennis for analyzing this information and Lee reporting on it:

  • There are roughly 47 million domain names that end with ".com".
  • For every possible 2-character and 3-character combination, including both letters and numbers, all possible domains are taken.
  • The most common word, four letters or longer, is "home" - 719,000 domains have some sort of home in them.
  • "Sex" appears in 257,000 domains; "Imagine" appears in 3,700.
  • The average length of a domain name is 13 characters long - half are between 9 and 15.
  • A domain can have, at most, 63 characters, and there are 550 such domains.
  • Each of the 26 letters of the alphabet have a domain in which the letter is repeated 63 times.
  • Most people now search for Web sites using a descriptive word or phrase...

We especially understand that last point. We recognized, years ago, that potential clients were searching by a descriptive word or phrase. That's why we chose for our domain name.

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Posted by William Lozito at July 19, 2006 12:34 PM
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