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July 26, 2006

Motorola's New Phone Brands: Too Mch of a Gd Thng?

RIZRMotorola has just a slew of new cell phone brands.

  • KRZR, pronounced Crazer, perhaps based on the popular phrase "crazy cool"
  • RIZR, pronounced Riser, a slider phone
  • RAZR MAXX, a quad-band phone with music player
  • RAZR XX, a tri-band phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera
  • RAZR V3b, uses bluetooth for voice calls with a home network

I am beginning to wonder if Motorola is taking a good thing too far.

KRZRThe RAZR brand name makes a lot of sense, but the KRZR and RAZR XX, for instance, seem to have taken Motorola from distinctive brand names, de facto back to an alpha or alpha-numeric nomenclature.

I think Motorola runs the risk of encountering what . Their MKZ, MKX, and MKS nameplates were changed after only 6 months in the marketplace because the consumer wasn't getting it. More accurately, they're changing the pronounciation from [mark-zee] to [em-kay-zee].

Admittedly, the Lincoln target market is quite a bit older than Motorola's, but I think it's fair to consider the possibility of Motorola experiencing the same fate as they continue to introduce new phone brand names.

Motorola is a great company with some great phone products, and is on a roll (50 million RAZR phones sold worldwide.) I, for one, hope it continues on that trajectory.

To read more about Motorola's new RIZR and KRZR phones, check out these recent blog posts:

  • - Eric Lin has some inside information straight from Motorola's global launch in Cape Town, South Africa
  • - Berniej says GDBY RAZR HLLO KRZR
  • - John Paczkowski reports that "Motorola CEO to change name to Ed Zndr"
  • - Detailed specs on the KRZR, RIZR, maxx and V3xx

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Posted by William Lozito at July 26, 2006 11:53 AM
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A little bit too much Web 2.0 flavour indeed. It seems that some marketing guys wanted to be extremely cool and up-to-date. I hope they won't make their company name Web 2.0 compatible: Mtrl ;-)

Lincoln may discover that you can’t teach pronunciation to the over-60s. Heck, I’m younger and I would associate the Lincoln brand with the Mark name.

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