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June 14, 2006

Possible New Brand Name for Iberia's Low Cost Airline

CatairIt’s probably going to be Catair, a reference to Catalunya.

I’ve written before about the intriguing resonance of new airline names like Song, Ted and Eos. Catair is another example of this kind of evocative product naming.

I was fascinated to read on the aviation forums that points out that the name could also refer to the Catalan language, which not only has its own similar domain (.cat) but also is spoken in Barcelona, the headquarters for Iberia.

More tantalizingly, the writer gives us a owned by a defunct French airline company of the same name and reminds us that CAT could stand for Corona of Aragon Territory, an important historical part of Iberia.

It also reminds me of , the unique airline formed by the Americans in China after World War II, used for rebuilding the country, and later to provide intelligence reconnaissance for the CIA.

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Posted by William Lozito at June 14, 2006 9:03 AM
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Barcelona will be the headquarter of the new low cost company. The Headquarter of Iberia is Madrid.
The "Corona de Aragón Territory" is a joke that only works in english. In spanish would be "Territorio de la Corona de Aragón", and in any case you'll never hear that expression from a spaniard, is simply not used, you'll hear Reino de Aragón, that's it... so, a very strange and stilted joke that I think has nothing to do with the CATAIR name.

By the way, Cataluña was a part of the Aragon Kingdom, but right now, with the current spanish political panorama is not a very good commercial thing to use territorial matters to promote some company.

When I said that CAT could mean CORONA OF ARAGON TERRITORY I clearly said that it was a joke! I was
playing with the words. It is obvious that it only has sense in English. It was only meant to be a joke. I was thinking more about Westerns and cartoons and it sound to me quite funny although obviously not realistic at all!
I put the image of a real plane with the name of Catair so that visitors to Catair.Cat could
be surprised.
I still think that CATAIR is a very good name
but I imagine that CLICKAIR will be the final choice...
By the way Corona de Aragon is used and I know it because each day I pass next to
(just behind
the old cathedral of Barcelona, one of the most beautiful and mystical places I can imagine).

I have discovered this site because of the comments about my comments and I am quite happy.

In some days or weeks the commercial name of CATAIR will be unveiled but meanwhile I like
to imagine possible names:

But in the Spanish media Catair is pronounced
in English and I do not like how it sounds.
I like it very much in French and
just in Spanish and Catalan.

There is a star called ALTAIR so there could be an airplane called CATAIR (or altair?)

To end I just want to mention something quite curious:

IBERIA, the Spanish airline that is one of the partners of CATAIR, has something incredibly
magic in its name.
Write IBERIA in the opposite order and you have:

Good day!
Please write more about this!
And what about those parents who let their kids (not babies) kick the back of your seat AND shout at the top of their voice in the quiet part of a long haul overnight flight when everyone else is trying to get some shut-eye??

A nice job...informative and interesting.

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