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June 21, 2006

Manitoba's Spirited Energy Slogan Is A Misguided Effort

Manitoba's Spirited Energy logoI just can't get Manitoba's new Spirited Energy slogan out of my mind.

Not because it's a great, or even a good, slogan. In my opinion, the Manitoba slogan is a misguided effort at best.

Judging by the recent press coverage and letters to the editor, most Manitobans are disappointed with the new slogan and its cost.

Here's a sampling of recent headlines:

I think the Spirited Energy slogan is the symptom and the process of developing the slogan is the cause.

Let me explain. I think the objectives of the Manitoba slogan were aimed at too many key audiences, each with conflicting needs. The official indicates that the target market, or key audiences, are:

  • Youth (18-25 year olds)
  • General public
  • Business
  • Tourism

How can any one slogan or marketing initiative serve so many diverse audiences? It can't.

That's the core weakness of the Spirited Energy slogan. It's set out to satisfy too many Manitoban constituencies. Hopefully, the consulting firm that developed the slogan brought this to the attention of the Manitoban Image Strategy Development Task Force.

Furthermore, if the Spirited Energy slogan were targeted only to the 18-25 year olds, would that keep them from leaving Manitoba or encourage them to return? I think not.

If the Spirited Energy slogan were targeted only to the general public, would Manitobans feel better about poor garbage service, potholes, and other shortcomings? I think not.

If the Spirited Energy slogan were targeted only to businesses, would they be more interested in coming to Manitoba? Maybe. Maybe not. The pro-union attitude would be a barrier, but access to hydro power might be a plus.

If the Spirited Energy slogan were targeted only to tourists, would it encourage more tourism? Probably not. As I mentioned in my announcing the new slogan, this is a generic slogan that could apply to numerous geographic locations - provinces, states, countries, cities, and towns.

Would Manitoba be better off doing what the ? They abandoned their current slogan, Come and Slow Down, and returned to their previous slogan, A Symphony for the Senses. I say Yes. Friendly Manitoba has much broader appeal and meaning than Spirited Energy ever will.

Would Manitobans be better off doing ? The "Tasmanian government has given people from all walks of like the chance to have a say, [regarding a new slogan], instead of hiring a marketing agency to devise [a new slogan]". Only Manitobans can answer this question.

Manitoba, as well as many other political entities, should correct the root cause of its problems rather than relying on a slogan or marketing campaign alone to change perceptions. The government needs to walk the walk before talking the talk.

One final thought: could Manitoba build on its Friendly Manitoba slogan by adding to it? Such as, Friendly Manitoba. Always.? Or, is this a misguided suggestion? Again, only Manitobans can answer this question.

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Posted by William Lozito at June 21, 2006 11:56 AM
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Well the NDP government in Manitoba has finally gone insane! Spending tax payers money is after all ...why they are here!
I think "friendly Manitoba"has much more appeal to way more of the population.
Mindboggling really!!!!!!!!!! They could have fed almost a million people for a year (soup kitchen style) Keep in mind ..whatever the NDP says it will/has cost...multiply by 10 at least!!!!!!!!!
Good luck Manitoba!


I sense a strong distrust for the NDP. That's too bad.

I guess politicians all over the gloge cannot be trusted. That's too bad.

Thanks for your comments Chris.

Is there a place where we, as the public, can complain and try to keep our Friendly Manitoba? I see nothing wrong with being Friendly and would rather keep it then be 'Spirited Energy'. Please let me know where I can go to speak up about this matter.


I am against this as well and i have created a facebook group called bring back the friendly Manitoba slogan and i would like to add this post if thats ok with you. please let me know.

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