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June 2, 2006

A New Slogan in the Making for Manitoba

ManitobaOne of the better known slogans is "Friendly Manitoba".

The provincial government and its private partners, however, will launch a new Manitoba slogan on June 14th.

Look for us to analyze the new slogan here.

I genuinely hope it's better than some of the recent less-than strategic and meaningful city and state slogans from Washington (SayWA), Baltimore (Get in on it), Edmonton (It's cooler here), and most recently, Philadelphia (VisitPhiladelphia).

By the way, VisitPhiladelphia is like marketing a product with the headline "Buy Me". I can see what's in it for the manufacturer, they make money, but it doesn't speak to what's in it for the consumer.

That's what makes VisitPhiladelphia the worst of the recent lot of city or state slogans. The city is speaking to itself and not in the language of its tourist target market.

This thinking is remarkably consistent with what Seth Godin wrote about earlier today in his post, .

Seth believes that "almost all marketing decisions are first and foremost made without the marketplace in mind". This seems to be the case with city and state slogans.

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Posted by William Lozito at June 2, 2006 5:55 PM
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VisitPhiladelphia is like marketing a product with the headline "Buy Me".

This hit me funny.

Sounded like, "take your cousin Sally to the dance" I can see what's in it for Sally, she won't be going to any dance otherwise, but there's nothing in it for anyone else. Plus, showing up at the dance with your cousin doesn't help anyone's brand!

Thanks for creating helpful conversation!


And thank you for your insightful comments.

What strikes me is how incredibly innappropriate slogan "Get it on" is for Baltimore, a city who at one time (and may still) have a staggering incident of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. So much so that when, in the 90's (I believe, I know it was in my high school days, when I started to become aware of such things) when they attempted to clean up their image by adopting the slogan "The City That Reads," most local pundits thought it would be more accurately "The City that Breeds."

I think there was even a campaign of vandalism aimed at "correcting" benches that bore the slogan.

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