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May 23, 2006

Want to Try Your Hand at Product Naming?

Seamless logo is advertising a “Name the Next Generation Mobile Communications and Computing Device” on and .

The current name for the device is PPC, and for fairly obvious reasons they want something with more oomph. The PPC is a tiny portable computer that has won a few awards. As if that’s not enough, the company is looking for Alpha testers for its Phenom 3.0 P2P Virtual Private Network Software Alpha and Beta Testing Program.

You just register and off you go.

Origami ProjectBefore you do, perhaps you should take note of struggles in this arena following the pretty awful reviews of the ill-starred child of its interestingly code-named , which has been pushed by the company under the unflattering initials (Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer).

UMPCUMPC sounds like some kind of military vehicle. Why oh why don’t they sell it as Origami??? I have examined Microsoft’s struggles with brand naming in an earlier post, and the lesson here for Seamless is to avoid weird sounding acronyms and duplications of product names they already use.

When it comes to nifty lifestyle/work products like this, I believe that a natural language product name is crucial. Think iPod, Blackberry or Mac.

In other news on mobile computing and Wi-Fi:

  • GameShout asks if the UMPC is the gaming platform of the future.
  • jkOnTheRun sees the bad reviews for the UMPC as a failure of marketing.
  • The Wireless Report notes that AT&T Mobile is a major Wi-Fi access provider in Europe.
  • In another post at the Wireless Report, we see that M2Z Networks is trying to raise the money to build a free wireless broadband network that will cover about 95% of the US population.

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