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May 12, 2006

Restart Your Engines?

Restart your engines.

Is this the slogan for:

  • DieHard Batteries
  • Viagra
  • State of Indiana
  • AutoZone

DieHard batteryIf you answered the state of Indiana, you're probably in the minority. That's not fact, but an educated guess.

viagra tabletThe more and more I see regarding state slogans, the more and more I feel they're created inwardly rather than outwardly. Said another way, if Indiana's Restart Your Engines slogan is designed to encourage tourism, I think it falls flat on its face.

Indiana state sealThere's the obvious implication of the Indianapolis 500, but is that broad enough to appeal to all age groups and both genders? I think not.

Yes, many women attend the Indy 500, but I don't think Restart Your Engines has broad appeal for many females, and especially many retirees, who have the time and money to travel.

AutoZone logoWe pride ourselves on accenting the positive in our blog posts, but this is one instance where I find that impossible to do.

As you may know from my May 8 post on , New Jersey is yanking their recent We'll Win You Over slogan after only a few months.

If the Indiana state officials are open minded and objective, they may want to restart their thinking about how to attract tourists.

In other state tourism slogan news from around the Web...

  • , in expanding on my previous post, asks "How do you please an entire state?"
  • The Experience Washington site offers the official for the state's tourism slogan.
  • The 13th Floor at says that the new isn't thrilling, but it's better than those of Washington and New Jersey.
  • Ginny Boston Red Sox offers a comprehensive list of , including Washington, D.C.

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Posted by William Lozito at May 12, 2006 12:23 PM
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