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May 29, 2006

Product Naming: Home Depot Discovers the Hispanic Market es Enorme

Home DepotI think is on the right track by reaching out to its Hispanic customers with a new array of well-named and positioned products.

Home Depot, the second largest retailer (sales of $81.5 billion) in the U.S. after You Know Who, is one big hombre. And their product naming efforts are showing a distinct Spanish flair.

According to The Journal News they are co-funding a Spanish language home improvement show named “Mi Primer Hogar” (My First Home), using bilingual employees and in-store communications, and developing new Hispanic-themed products such as a paint line named Colores Origenes (Colors of My Origins).

Paint product names that appeal to Spanish-speaking customers include “Café Expreso” and “Horchata.”

world cupI believe Home Depot’s continued efforts to reach Hispanics as both employees and customers makes good business sense. There are more Hispanics in the U. S. than Canadians in Canada. By 2008 Hispanic purchasing power will break $1 trillion with Hispanics spending $28 billion on home improvements last year.

joga bonitoA number of big brands are taking the Hispanic target market into consideration. When the Soccer begins June 9 in Germany, and will be all over it, with a 14-language campaign named “” or “Play Beautiful” in Portuguese.

Home Depot will be there too, with the slogan “Your house is your playing field.” Muy elegante, Home Depot.

In related news:

  • Hispanic PR Wire is carrying a press release announcing that Home Depot will also be sponsoring World Cup broadcasts on the Spanish-language television network, Univision.
  • Hispanic Business has the announcement that Home Depot has signed on as a sponsor of Atlanta's annual Latin Fever Ball.
  • Hispanic Trending offers a very useful collection of articles on Hispanic branding, like this one on Latinos' marketing preferences.
  • Hi-Kerl, a blogger from Singapore, writes of his club's participation in the Joga Bonito Finals.
  • From, we get a Hungarian perspective on the promotion from a non-fan of football who still appreciates the spirit the Joja Bonito program is promoting.
  • John Hagel views the social networking site as the return of community.

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