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May 3, 2006

Links Du Jour - Gu Ge Brand Name Edition

  • - Chinese bloggers say the new Google brand name is “old fashioned, uncool, and downright boring” and this blogger explains why, presenting alternatives such as “GouGou” (Dog Dog) and “GuGu” (Sister-in-law).
  • - This post focuses on why the name resounds in Chinese culture, and reminds us of Coca-Cola's experience in choosing a Chinese name. Coke's original Chinese name meant "bite the wax tadpole". Coke then conducted brand name research of 40,000 Chinese characters and found a close phonetic equivalent, ko-kou-ko-le, which can be loosely translated as “happiness in the mouth”.
  • - An interesting article that looks at censorship issues around Google's entrance into China, and suggests that Google may be working against its own corporate credo in introducing the new product name to Chinese consumers.
  • - Google has pulled the wraps off its new research center in China, an initiative clearly meant to help launch the new and beleaguered Gu Ge brand name. This blog shows the Chinese representation of Gu Ge.
  • - Interesting blog on the Chinese perspective of the new Gu Ge brand name, including the government regulations surrounging it.
  • - Another milestone in the world of product naming has occurred: 3,200 people have actually signed a petition trashing the Gu Ge brand name.

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Posted by William Lozito at May 3, 2006 12:03 PM
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