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May 1, 2006

Links Du Jour

  • - This one's by Clyde Fessler, former vice president, business development, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, a brand name I have enormous respect for not only for its longevity, authenticity and broad recognition, but also for its good works programs. Anything the boys at Harley have to say should form an integral part of your brand research.
  • - Ok, it sounds wacky but check this out---it is one of the niftiest products I have seen in a while and it's good for the environment, too. The name is just not that imaginative, however: Rubbersidewalks. C'mon! This might be where you need a good naming company to create a really bouncy product name.
  • - Jennifer Love Hewitt is pitching Hanes underwear, and kicking things off by attending a "Panti-monium" party where the guys at Adjab conjecture models will be walking around in Hanes underwear and the confirm it. OK. I'm not too surprised Hewitt is connecting herself to the Hanes brand name, but a little surprised they got her to agree to partaking in "Panti-monium", which sounds like a 50's stag movie title. Hanes depends on Target, Wal-mart and K-mart shoppers to buy its products - is Middle America ready for Panti-monium?

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