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May 9, 2006

Links Du Jour 05-09-06

  • - Dror Poleg, of Danwei (单位), provides an insightful analysis of the and AIKA brand names in China. AIKA is one of IKEA’s biggest competitors in China, and the two companies’ local brand names, YiJia (宜家) and AiJia (爱家) mean almost the same thing...
  • - Tips for your next marketing battle, from the ancient general. Essential brand name research lessons learned here. The short version for the brand name game is: surprise the market with a great name, work with people who know the market, know your competition, and create a memorable icon.
  • - Yahoo is about to launch its new advertising tool, codenamed "Panama". This new application will compete with Google and Microsoft, placing the Yahoo brand name back in the game. As far as product naming goes, I think "Panama" is pretty cool.
  • - Here's a weird twist in the annals of brand naming: Wal-mart wants to trademark the smiley face! But wait, some unscrupulous Frenchman has already done it and has earned millions! I don't think anyone should touch the smiley's in the public domain.

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