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May 28, 2006

Edmonton, Alberta: Another Silly City Slogan

Edmonton, Canada 052806.jpg I am becoming more and more convinced that cities and states should save their money used to develop a slogan or tagline.

Now it's Edmonton's turn. I am very fond of our neighbors to the north, but I think they suffer from the same slogan myopia we do in the states.

Edmonton is where "The Great One" played hockey in 1979-1988. Wayne Gretzky that is. Edmonton is home of one of the largest enclosed malls in the world - the West Edmonton Mall.

And Edmonton is first and foremost associated with "cold" among journalists based on a recent conducted by the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC).

Edmonton: It's Cooler HereSo why would the EEDC select "Edmonton. It's Cooler Here?" I realize the intended meaning of "cooler" is "hip."

But is would be like Las Vegas going with "Las Vegas. It's Hotter Here."

Sorry EEDC, the new Edmonton slogan makes no sense. It's another example of slogan myopia not unique to Canada, the U. S. or other cities and countries for that matter.

Here are some other perspectives on Edmonton and its new slogan:

  • Kerry Diotte of The Edmonton Sun writes that the city's new slogan is not so cool.
  • The Battle of Alberta, a blog about the rivalry between the province's two NHL teams, questions whether “cool” is still a cool word.
  • One has to wonder if it's the city's “coolness” that leads its citizenry to set things on fire when the Oilers win an important game.

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Posted by William Lozito at May 28, 2006 4:46 PM
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A couple thoughts. First, this has to be a short-term campaign, since you can't sell the concept of coolness for the long term. Typically what's cool lasts for a year or two at most. The cool-to-kitch slide doesn't take long. I'll take it on faith that next year's slogan won't be "It's kitchy-er here"

Second, I actually think the slogan has merit as a seaonal tagline. Given all the hype about global warming it's a message with some appeal - especially to folks living in the Southern states in the US. I can see that as a very effective tool in mid-July. Sort of a "If you lived here you'd be home by now" sentiment, but switched to something closer to "if you lived here you'd be cool right now."

Break the tagline out in June and put it away in September... You can be darned sure that if they bought a full-page advert in southern papers during a heat wave they'd get some tourist dollars in short order.

Depending on how they execute I think this one could end up being better than most pundits fear.

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