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May 18, 2006

Brand Naming: Live Has Many Lives At Microsoft

Windows Live BetaThe newly unveiled is the “,” in one writer's opinion.

And the negative blogs and news aimed at it makes me think that Live may become the next in the most hated name stakes. There is nothing wrong with “Live” - not that it’s really great or original - the problem I've got with the brand name "Live" is that Microsoft keeps recycling the names they are already using, and thus causing great confusion.

The former Windows Live Search is an Internet search tool; the new one allows people to search their own computer, computers on their network, as well as the ‘Net. The outcry has been so intense that at least one rep has hinted they may even .

The reason Microsoft is using the Live name twice comes down to . Microsoft seems needlessly careless when it comes to product naming: Scott Fulton asks, what, exactly, is one talking about when one uses “Explorer”, for instance. I’ve also noticed that the term “search” itself has numerous meanings for Microsoft.

SeattlePI’s Todd Bishop refers to this as the , referring to the lovable boxer, whom we have profiled before in connection with , who named all five of his sons “George.”

I would add that George took this one step further by naming one of his five daughters “”.

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Posted by William Lozito at May 18, 2006 10:30 AM
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Just to add to the misery, I am using Windows 2000 while this is 2006. I am just grateful they call the new release Vista and not Windows 2004. Whew!

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