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May 1, 2006

Auto Brand Naming: Canada Finally Wrangles the Jeep Wrangler

JeepDaimler Chrysler says that the famous trucks directly descended from the jeeps of World War II will finally be known as Wranglers in Canada - as they are in over 100 other markets. I’m glad.

It seems that General Motors had the use of the name in Canada for the occasional pick-up truck, forcing Canadian Wranglers to be known as “TJs” (after their internal body designations) but the two companies have come to an “amicable” arrangement that sees GM giving the famous brand name to Daimler Chrysler. This will reduce marketing costs for the company and on the vehicles where it rightfully belongs.

I know that the name Wrangler, of course, is used by many companies, including brands of Hormel hotdogs, as well as the well-known Wrangler jeans brand and the less well-known Wrangler baseball team in the US.

It’s a pretty macho name that clearly defines its target market - is something I have written about before and its equity is entrenched so deep in 4x4 culture that its hard to see it disappearing anytime soon.

And what a relief it must be for Jeep Canada to not have to try to sell 4x4s called “TJs” anymore! My only question: Guys, what were you thinking?

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