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April 26, 2006

Windstream - This Brand Name is a Winner

NameCommunications stalwart Alltel has changed its name to and will trade on the NYSE as “WIN”, allowing it to ‘win’ with customers (or so the new CEO Keith Paglusch hopes).

The company will be formed through the spin-off of Alltel’s communications business and its with VALOR communications, forming a formidable voice, broadband and entertainment brand for the rural USA.

The Windstream name, I feel, is an attractive one and perfectly placed, as the company will function in the “windstream” of this huge merger and of what remains of Alltel itself, which will be a pure-play wireless service for about 11 million customers across 34 states.

I also must say that having a ticker name like ‘WIN” is pretty nifty - it is surprising that it wasn't snapped up years ago following some brand name research by another company.

The typography and fonts, as well as its Web site, look fresh and new, and the green Windstream logo recalls wind, electrical communication and long distance - not to mention the green hills of Southeast America.

Well done and good luck, Windstream.

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Posted by William Lozito at April 26, 2006 3:24 PM
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1 Comment

While I agree that having "WIN" as a ticker symbol is a good thing, I'm not sold on the strength of the name or their execution in establishing it.
The website isn't available ( and the site they've selected is 24 characters between www & com. Certainly not going to win much direct-entry traffic with that one.
I'd also think that Skystream (and others with similar marks such as airstream and jetstream) may move to protect their previously registered mark since they're in the communications space as well.
"Stream" in the comms space seems a little over-used to me, so I'd be inclined to rate this lower for its inability to differentiate itself from the competition.
Not saying it isn't a cool name - because I actually like the way it looks and sounds... I'm just not convinced it is a winner. Time will tell...

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