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April 27, 2006

What To Do When Your Name Is Mud

SiltSometimes what a small (or big) town needs is a name change.

For instance, what do you do when the name of your town is ?

A whole bunch of residents are unhappy about the name, which dates back to the nineteenth century when trains used to kick up clouds of silt around the fledgling town, leading locals to post a sign by the tracks that warned, “Watch Out For Silt."

Fast forward to 1989 when someone slapped a bumper sticker on his car that proclaimed “Silt Happens”. This was pretty embarrassing, so in 1992 a number of residents tried to get the name changed, which led to a slogan contest in 1999, in which the winner was “Where the Sun Rises with a Smile and Sets in Your Heart."

I think that may be a nice slogan, but people still hate the name. Proposed changes are Ferguson or Ferguson's Crossing, Cactus Valley, Grand View and Grand River.

The town residents vote on it on May 8th. I think Grand River sounds just...grand.

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The town Name is still Silt. The people are still stuck in the mud & they hate it. I wonder why they moved to Silt. Probably to change it like Janet Steinbach (Aluise). Maybe we should rename it Little Boulder with a Roundabout. There! Now name is MUD!!!

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