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April 1, 2006

Maytag Caught in a Brand Architecture Whirlpool

whirlpool has just completed the of 115 year old and will immediately start integrating the companies. The hoary old Maytag name came with a $2.6 bil price tag, including Whirlpool’s assumption of Maytag’s debt.

maytagI’ll have more on this Monday, April 3rd. I do know that Maytag will continue to be sold as a Whirlpool brand. The ancillary Maytag brands, like and , will probably remain on under the Whirlpool banner.

Whirlpool has published a special section of their website containing information on the for customers, investors, employees, retirees, media and trade partners.

For more on the Maytag – Whirlpool merger check out Antitrust Review and Home-Tech Talk .

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Posted by William Lozito at April 1, 2006 4:41 PM
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Whirlpool should change its name to Drownpool because it bought a sinking ship, Maytag. Shame on Maytag a company that went from the best to the worst in my lifetime of 53 years and pity to the idiots at Whirlpool for buying it and its legacy of distrust and disgust that will be sure to follow. I would love to have dumped my $2400 Maytag Neptune washer/dryer set on the front lawn of Golden-boy Hake or some other unethical icon of Maytag. Maytag stuck me and my husband, the consumer, with a machine that hopped when spinning and imposed 7 service calls on us to fix a hopeless piece of junk. There were no apologies and a lot of insulting/blaming the consumer questions about laundry soap used and heavy items placed in the washer. The final solution was to "glue" the feet to the floor. Maytag repeated told us they would not give us the money we paid for this poorly engineered machine. We took them and the distributor to small claims court. Maytag was so arrogant, they didn't bother to show and the distributor got stuck with the financial obligation. We're going back to court to drag Maytag's butt in as a lone defendant so we can obtain a judgment for the water damage caused by a flood when the machine hopped so far it pulled the drain hoses out of the wall. We were informed that Maytag would probably appeal any judgment and has a history or such game playing at the expense of the consumer. We now know we are one of many who have been discarded by Maytag. So, Drownpool, congratulations for your 2.something billion dollar purchase of ill will. Who's the next gen genius who made that decision?

It was about time for this to happen, being under Whirlpool banner, Maytag will get the required protection and further developments. Maytag parts are appreciated, the company has it's own history and I think combining it whit Whirlpool experience will only make things better.

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