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April 2, 2006

Does the Wal-Mart Exsto Men’s Clothing Brand Name Stand Out?

Wal-Mart has just announced a , designed by the and aimed at "young men with an urban flair." Its name? Exsto.

This is a fitting name (pun intended) for the image Wal-Mart wants to present. Exsto is Latin for "stand out, project, be conspicuous, be visible." Just what anyone looking for style wants to do.

Admittedly, not too many of Wal-Mart’s customers speak or read Latin. Many are Latin-American, however, and may think of the Spanish esto, meaning "this." As in "this is the one."

What do you think of the new Exsto brand name?

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Posted by William Lozito at April 2, 2006 11:55 PM
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My "Exsto" asscociations:
Ex: ex wife, ex girlfriend, Exxon
Is it an acronym? extreme, excessive, expert, store, stove, stock ...

I think the "x" and "s" don't go so well together, makes me wonder how to pronounce the thing.

Overall: Don't like the name. Not emotional, too hard, doesn't fit to a line of clothing. Sounds technical. More like "Exsto - the new power tool in town" or medical / cosmetical: "Exsto - the new way to get rid of pimples and blackheads, extra strong formula!"

I had Latin at school for several years: I didn't see the pun. Alright, my grades were bad at best.

I had Latin for two years myself, but I don't remember much of it -- it's not as if I find daily uses for it.

But the pun wasn't Latin, as far as I can tell. A "fitting" name for a clothing line. Clothes... fit... get it?

By the way, I agree with you. The xs leaves me wondering how to pronounce it. I can't hear much of a difference between "ex-to" and "ex-sto" and it sounds to me like a title given to a former digit on a person's foot: "I was born with six on my right foot, but had one removed when I was a baby, so now I have five toes on my foot and one exsto that I keep in a jar as a souvenir."

Exsto I believe will be an exciting new brand. I recently purchased an EXSTO Jogging suit on my visit to Pensacola Florida. The Name caught my eye first, and then the beautifully designed clothing. I thought it would cost much, much more than it did. The price is very reasonable for such beautiful clothing. People always want to know where they can get EXSTO wear. I tell them at walmart, and they are really surprised.

I have a 13 year old son (african american) and he loves the exsto line, the clothing is made well and it has an urban feel that can be dressed up or down. I feel very comfortable with him wearing it even to church.

For Christmas I got him the Flyer Jacket which he loves, it will keep him warm and its not too bulky, I wish they made apparel for teen girls. Wal Mart has also upgraded in other mens apparel as well.

The Name is what first got my attention. I am a Marketiing Director and I know that what jumps out at you is what people remember.

Good Job!

Interesting to read this post about it here.

The name reminds me of "Eleganza."
Long before my time, but old Eddie Murphy routines and my uncle call back to the days. Design doesn't look as ridiculous. And at $15? I'll pick it up.

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