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March 30, 2006

Product Naming: Wine Names Bring Out the Animal In Us

Marilyn MerlotIn my previous , I commented on the new product naming strategies the wine industry has embraced, including their move away from staid old estate names towards funkier names like "Fat Bastard" and "Marilyn Merlot".

The brand naming trend in wine has continued to move downscale, centering around , with wines like "Monkey Bay" and "Smoking Loon" outselling new non-animal brand names by almost 3 to 1.

I think customers just want wines that look cute on the table, and names like "Yellow Tail" seem to appeal to the drinker at the lower end of the wine scale (between $8-$12 per bottle).

In fact, when it comes to wines, downscale packaging with a funky label seems to work - plastic corks, even boxed wines are being snapped up by customers looking for an appealing quaff. My favorite animal name still is Goats-Do-Roam, from South Africa (referencing the Côtes du Rhône region).

Check out these for another laugh. If you'd like to keep up on the latest wine information, I highly recommend the blog. But first, read about from fellow Minnesotan Doug Williams' blog.

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Posted by William Lozito at March 30, 2006 11:00 AM
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I remember drinking a very delicious wine by the name of Damn Good S---, and the wine was French! I think they also had a wine named after a car.

A winery that is doing a good job at having fun with wine names and labels is Mollydooker Winery from Australia. Mollydooker is an Aussie slang term for left-handed people.

The winemakers Sarah and Sparky Marquis are both left handed. Their labels are hip and their wines have names like "The Boxer", "Two Left Feet", "Maitre'D" and "Violinist". These names all refer to their past experiences; for example Sparky is a very bad dancer.

In the US, Sine Qua Non winery was a pioneer in comical names and special bottlings. Some of the best packaging I have ever seen is from Sine Qua Non.

The coolest addition to Mollydooker labels is a tear away "tab" on the back label of the bottle which allows people to remember the wine they drank when out at a restaurant. How many times do people write down the name of a wine they love at a fine restaurant. Now you just tear and put the tab in your wallet.

For more info or to take a look at their unique branding go to

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