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March 9, 2006

Product Naming: The Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon

Starbucks Rwanda Blue BourbonStarbucks Has a New, Blue Coffee That Makes You Drunk...Or Not...

I noticed that Starbucks has a new addition to its Black Apron Exclusives line of high-end coffees: The , and it is neither blue nor does it taste like bourbon. In terms of the product name origin, the “blue” refers to the color of the coffee cherries while the bourbon is the name of the species of Arabica beans.

I think Starbucks may have conducted brand name research on this name. In fact, the Bourbon name is from the same source as the bourbon drink, a variety of coffee invented and grown by the French and for decades on the Island of Reunion. The name is seductive and exotic, enticing for those of us who adore coffee in all its forms. The product naming, however, will have at least a few consumers thinking that Africans have found a new, blue cup o’ joe.

Starbucks Rwanda Blue BourbonThe Starbucks product line has been very popular, a godsend for the real coffee lover who wants a cup of real Kona, for instance, or some good Ethiopian. I can safely assume the Black Apron name comes from the distinctive black aprons worn by Starbucks employees. I understand the Black Apron line of coffees is part of Starbucks’ attempt to become a more socially responsible company: $15,000 is being donated to participating communities to build public facilities.

seems to think that based on the strength of the product name alone, this coffee will be a favorite.

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Posted by William Lozito at March 9, 2006 7:34 AM
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Bourbon is a species of arabica coffee that flourishes in Rwanda's high elevations and makes for an excellent cup. The word "blue" refers to the blue-green color of the unroasted coffee. This coffee, which comes from two coffee-washing stations (Karengera and Gatare, is 100% arabica Bourbon.

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