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March 7, 2006

Naming: Bad Spelling Might Make a Good Name

GoogleA recent article in the made me think of all the names out there that are "misspelled", that is, presented phonetically or otherwise, to catch our attention. The classic example is Google, which is a derivation of "Googol", the number made by the number one followed by one hundred zeros.

FlickrOther names mentioned in the Guardian article include a number of Web 2.0 company names such as , , , , and .

Although not the first recent example of a brand name deleting a vowel in a natural language word, Motorola's RAZR gave this naming technique significant visibility.

To many things in life, I think there's a yin and yang to them. That being the case, I predict that future product names will add a vowel to a natural language word. By the way, both dropping and adding a vowel to a natural language word, I think, is a great way to enhance the defensibility of a product name, service name, or company name.

Other well-known names have dropped a vowel according to the blog.

My favorite is "Hotmail", which is just a riff on "HTML", followed by eBay, which is a shortening of Echo Bay", a name chosen because Pierre Omidyar, the company's founder, thought it just "sounded cool."

Another I found had an interesting post on spelling and marketing, with some comments about the iPod. Check it out.

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