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February 22, 2006

Product Naming: Digital Flatscreen TV Naming Goes Coined

ToshibaYesterday, I noticed that Toshiba a new global brand name for its flat panel LCD and Plasma TVs: REGZA.

This announcement comes after the company’s to scrap production of CRT (cathode ray tube) sets and analog LCD (liquid crystal display) sets, and throw all its effort into digital flat screens.

I think this is a good move. Last year, flat panel TV sales surpassed CRTs for the first time, and experts see this trend continuing due to improved quality and declining prices.

REGZA was created from the German “Regsam”, which connotes “vibrant and dynamic” qualities. It also that Real Expression Guaranteed by amaZing Architecture can be derived from the REGZA global brand name, which refers to the superlative picture quality.

I've noticed that the major flat panel TV manufacturers have two things in common with their latest flat panel brand names.

  • A unified global brand for both flat panel LCD and plasma TVs
  • The brand names are coined or neologisms

For instance,

  • BraviaLast year, Sony launched a similar worldwide LCD brand name called Bravia, which I wrote about in a September '05 blog post. Bravia is an acronym for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture. One could also point out Bravia's closeness to the Italian "bravo", which means well done.
  • AquosSharp has been selling LCD sets with the Aquos brand name. Aquos is derived from the Latin word “aqua”, meaning “water”, a good association for a liquid crystal television.
  • VieraMatsushita (Panasonic) sells LCD sets in some markets, including Japan, under the “Viera” brand name, a hybrid of the Latin word “veritas” meaning ‘truth” or “accuracy”. Viera is also a common Italian last name.

Since there's a shortage of natural-language words that have enough global branding power, neologisms are becoming more prevalent. REGZA is the latest example.

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Posted by Alwynn Gilgen at February 22, 2006 2:35 PM
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