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December 12, 2005

Product Naming: Niagara Processor Chip - Yes; Victoria's Secrets Niagara - No Way

Sun Microsystems recently introduced a new server based on the Niagara chip, which reduces the power consumption requirements by a factor of five.

I can see why the Niagara code name has stuck in the marketplace as a product name. Just as one thinks of a waterfall as cool and refreshing, this conjures up the Niagara chip's main benefit of running cooler since it requires less power.

Conversely, I do not see the Niagara branded products in Victoria's Secret. Victoria's Secret is the epitome of femininity, while the Niagara name, in addition to conjuring up cool and refreshing, also conveys big and powerful, two associations that the Victoria's Secret customers would not likely want to be associated with.

So, I say yes to the Niagara brand name chip from Sun Microsystems. It fits in with the Sun's naming architecture that includes references to nature such as its Solaris and Galaxy brand names.

But a definite to Niagara brand name lingerie at Victoria's Secret.

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    Posted by William Lozito at December 12, 2005 3:35 PM
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    I don't see why Victoria's Secret would market lingerie under the name Niagara. Lingerie is supposed to be delicate and light. And Niagara is a waterfall! Last time I checked, wet underwear do not sell well...

    I agree William that a Niagara brand name makes no sense for a product line in Victoria's Secret.

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