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December 23, 2005

Product Naming: Kangaroo Meat gets a New Name

I'm not sure if you took your chance to submit any name candidates for the contest to rename kangaroo meat that I wrote about in my , but the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia has just come up with a winner – Australus. U.S. citizen Steven West conceived the name while at work one day. stated that some of the names submitted included

  • Kangasaurus
  • Marsupan
  • Jumpmeat
  • Kangarly
  • MOM (meat of marsupials)
  • Maroo
  • Jurru
  • Ozru
  • Marsu
  • Skippy, the name of an old television series whose eponymous hero was an intelligent and lovable kangaroo

Australus.jpgAustralus is certainly seen as a form of Australia, or Austria, and perhaps some people might see the connection to the very popular and successful Angus beef brand, thereby elevating their perception of the quality of australus as a meat. Mel Nathan, editor of Food Companion International magazine, said the new name might be a huge breakthrough for the kangaroo meat industry.

For more opinions, read what and had to say about australus.

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Posted by William Lozito at December 23, 2005 8:53 AM
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I didn't figure out the angus reference at all. To me, "australus" sounds too much like a biological term, like "australopithecus".

I kind of like "marsupan," even if it sounds more like a dessert than a meat.

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