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November 27, 2005

Product Naming: Cow is to Beef as Kangaroo is to...

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at naming? Here's your chance.

LIAA logoThe Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia (KIAA) is sponsoring a . I think the KIAA’s website makes a valid point that “... afterall we don’t eat cow, it’s beef; we don’t eat pig, it’s pork; nor deer, we call it venison.”

The KIAA saw how Chinese gooseberry enjoyed wide acceptance after is was renamed kiwi fruit.

kangarooThere are over 80 million , four for every Australian vs. about 100 million cattle and calfs, or one for every two people in the U. S. (Source:USDA).

I’m also reminded of rape seed oil changing its name to canola oil, prunes to plumbs, and life insurance which is really death insurance, but that’s getting off the subject.

Toss your hat in the ring with entries for .

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Posted by William Lozito at November 27, 2005 8:08 PM
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1 Comment

According to the BBC, an American came up with the winning name: Australus.
But it looks like the judges were the only ones who liked the entry.

From the article:

The competition entries, submitted by people in 41 countries, included kangasaurus, marsupan, jumpmeat, kangarly and MOM (meat of marsupials).

One contestant even suggested Skippy, the name of an old television series whose eponymous hero was an intelligent and lovable kangaroo.

But they were all beaten by US citizen Steven West, who thought up "australus" while working at a hotel school near Sydney.

Mr Nathan, Food Companion's editor, told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: "The new name may be a huge breakthrough for the kangaroo meat industry."

But the head of the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia, John Kelly, said that although his association had helped to sponsor the contest, it had "no really serious intention" of changing the meat's name.

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