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November 18, 2005

Product Naming: A Town Named Dish Revisited

In an earlier I discussed DISH Network's offer of free service in exchange for a town changing its name. By now, I am sure many of you are aware that Clark, Texas .

They accepted DISH's offer to re-name Clark, Texas to Dish, Texas in exchange for 10 years of free service for a town's 55 households.

I'd say that DISH Network is getting one heck of a deal. If one assumes that the value of the service is $75 per month per household times 120 months, this equals $495,000 in retail pricing. However, the true cost of this offer to DISH Network is likely half of that, or $247,500, if one assumes a 50% gross margin.

In comparison, the average 30-second commercial on the Survivor show is $350,000, so I think DISH Network struck quite a deal.

DISH Network will be getting free brand exposure over a decade for less than the price of one 30-second TV spot.

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Posted by William Lozito at November 18, 2005 1:19 PM
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Granted, Dish Network received a "deal" when you look at the media costs of the publicity received via the stunt versus paid media - but haven't they also taken on a considerable risk? What happens when someone in Dish, Texas switches to cable?

I think it would be interesting to know more about this "deal" cut by Dish Network.


Mike Bawden
Brand Central Station

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