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November 16, 2005

Generation X: Holiday Inn Déjà Vu?

Remember Generation X? They were the ones that came of age watching Dallas and Cheers and dancing to Madonna's "Like a Virgin." Well, Gen Xers have grown up, gotten married and hit the road. Now hotels are scrambling to cater to this new crowd of post-boomers who, though getting more set in their ways, are still edgier than their parents.

According to , Gen Xers (people born between 1967 and 1974) are becoming the fastest growing segment of travelers today. As a result, is bringing back the über-retro Holidomes (dome enclosed swimming pools) and offering its guests friendly high-tech accessories such as an online concierge, iHome clock radios and modernized sports facilities. In addition, Holiday Inn Select will be offering sport-themed restaurants in association with the Sporting News restaurant chain and water parks.

I think for a hotel that has long been a "family brand," is a little too square for the cool crowd. Holidomes are almost a cliché in the hotel business. However, Gen Xers might gravitate towards the nearest Holiday Inn Select while traveling only because they can recall staying there while on road trips with their folks.

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Posted by William Lozito at November 16, 2005 1:07 PM
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Gen Y (I guess it is) has a rap song out about a year ago called "Holiday Inn" by Chingy and Snoop Dog.

Maybe it is not as "out" as one might think.

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