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October 17, 2005

Product Naming: Dracula Security

Tadar.jpgUnveiled last week at the Inter Airport Europe Exhibition in Munich, Germany, the Tadar system promises a step forward in aviation security. More than a camera, it emits natural wavelengths able to detect non-metallic objects hidden under clothing.

Although security checks are helpful means to minimize terrorist threats, many passengers perceive them negatively as they are closely associated with longer check lines and “uncalled for” searches.

tadarida.jpgI find it somewhat disturbing, however, that the Tadar system was named, according to the Irish company that developed it, after a bat, the Brazilian Tadarida. Bats are scary vampire-like creatures that few of us would comfortably associate with protection and safety.

Bats are not the only animals to use high-frequency wave signals to locate objects in the dark--hedgehogs, dolphins and whales do, too. And they sound more friendly to me (especially the dolphin).

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Posted by Alwynn Gilgen at October 17, 2005 11:00 AM
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I agree, the name is a complete turnoff.

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